1,000,000 little issues Eddie is hiding one thing large within the fall finale – Watch


Eddie, this grabber claw is meant to be used for good and not for evil!

Aside from all the jokes, Eddie from A Million Little Things is doing very badly in the fall finale on Thursday (ABC, 10 / 9c), as his behavior shows in the exclusive look above.

Last week’s revelation – that Eddie was not responsible for the death of his childhood friend, Alex – seems to have brought him little comfort. When we saw him complaining to Katherine at the end of this episode, he would never have been in the bar that night and wouldn’t have if he hadn’t tried to find out the truth / was secretly convinced that he had killed her by met the driver who left him paralyzed.

In short, the in-recovery addict is spiraling (understandably) and also has to deal with very severe physical pain, which is reflected in a seedy deal with his prescription drugs in the video above. When Katherine comes into the kitchen, will he tell her what’s going on?

Elsewhere in the episode, the official synopsis reads: “Rome struggles with its film and finds an ally in Shanice, and Maggie continues her journey in England as she and Jamie grow closer than ever.” The lesson also includes Andrew Leeds (Bones) guesting as Peter, a highly qualified music teacher who works with young artists.

In the video above, press PLAY for an expanded look at the episode, then press the comments with your thoughts!

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